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Xenius Agro System - case alone

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Do you already have a VE junction box and a VE card? Then choose the Xenius VITI Agro System - box only!

Xenius Viti, spraying with your finger on the pulse!

This top-of-the-range box specially designed for multifunctional spraying control in the vineyard will allow you to prepare and plan your treatments. Thanks to this terminal equipped with a colour touch screen and a historical carousel menu that can be converted into a new tablet menu, you can control up to 20 electric downpipes, compatible with all valves, or equip your boom with air or electric nozzles up to 256 nozzles. Take advantage of all the new features such as dose modulation, localised application, intelligent regulated pressure (SRP), GPS* section cutting, guidance bar, EasyJoy joystick, steering drawbar, tracking axle, electronic gauge, automated boom height, automated boom height, automated ground tracking (ABC), boom height management, automatic double tank transfer management, automatic unfolding/row positioning management, automatic panel spacing management and downhill clogged nozzle detection. Indeed, the Xenius Viti will be the first tool used during the work in the vineyard and at the end of it, you will benefit from a traceability of the treatments thanks to the AGRO System Desktop Application software and the USB interface for simplified updating.

All of this is housed in a robust, compact case with CAN Bus technology and a USB interface for easy updating, known for its navigation and quick and easy installation. Updates are free of charge for the life of the product. 

PLUG and SPRAY your way into the future!

With OPTIMA Concept CAN Bus technology, go from Gemini to Genius, Xenius in an instant without changing systems!

*Please note: the box is delivered without an antenna (necessary for the cut-off). Find the compatible antennas in the associated products.

All OPTIMA products are guaranteed for 2 years.

For more information, do not hesitate to download our brochure and to contact us at 03.91.801.701.