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Galileo + Spraysat Kit with EGNOS for Genius

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Spraysat, high precision agriculture!

The Spraysat GPS section cutting system integrates a Genius not included, a Galileo + with EGNOS* (10 Hertz square pulse antenna) (*EGNOS: Regional Satellite Augmentation System for Europe. Objectives: to correct and improve the accuracy of signals from existing satellite navigation systems. In the case of the GPS signal, the EGNOS programme reduces the uncertainty margin from 15 or 20 metres to 2 metres) and the Agro System Desktop Application software.  Specially designed for GPS-based section cutting, Spraysat will allow you to automatically cut up to 20 sections. Its cutting is ultra-precise as it takes into account the forward speed, the opening time of the section valves and the position of the DGPS (Galileo +) antenna on the sprayer. With the Spraysat system, you can spray in automatic on/off mode according to a predetermined speed or set the coverage rate. Other features include the ability to retrieve treatment data from a USB memory stick, or to manually or automatically erase the internal memory. The antenna can also be compatible with tilt correctors, the Russian GLONASS satellite network and the SATINFO network for even greater accuracy. The result is a robust system with CAN bus technology that is known for its easy, fast installation, with no sensor calibration or mechanical adjustment required. The Spraysat system integration involves returning your Genius for installation of the cut-off card.

PLUG and SPRAY your way into the future!

Thanks to the OPTIMA Concept CAN Bus technology, add additional modules in an instant! 

Attention: if installed on the tractor and not on the sprayer, a CAN Bus Y (not included in the kit) is required.

All OPTIMA manufactured products are guaranteed for 2 years.

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